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What’s Revu?

Revu is a review short link (URL) that you can share with your customers so they can easily write a review on the review sites you care about.
The review sites are displayed as logos on your Revu page for the customer to choose from, empowering customers to make a free choice where to leave a review.

An example of a Revu page looks like this:

Authentic reviews!

Reviews are written by your customers directly on the review sites that you publish to the Revu page, helping the flow of recent reviews on the review sites.


Revu is different, we offer a simple to manage, affordable solution for any size of business, and yes we have an awesome short name.
Our mission is to be the go-to review short link for businesses wishing to increase their reviews authentically.

Reviews via Revu

Works with 100’s of review sites including:

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