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Revu has three plans.

Basic, Standard and Plus. Each plan has something different to offer. During your 30 day trial you will be signed up to the Standard plan.

Enable up to ‘x’ review sites.

One difference between the plans is the number of review platforms that you can have enabled. In simple terms if you have Facebook reviews, Google reviews & TripAdvisor for your business then a basic plan could be suitable, however remember that you may also be either thinking of taking on a new review platform or be listed somewhere else that you hadn’t considered such as Yell.

The plus plan is aimed at larger business that have many review platforms to manage. Standard is, well the standard, it would be suitable for 98% of all businesses.

Display sites in a random order.

On the Revu page that your customer visit, the default is to display the review platforms that you have entered in a random order, this is so that a preference is not given to any particular review platform.

Greeting message.

Basic Plan has a fixed greeting message; this is the default that is set when you create your account. This is ‘Choose where to leave a review for COMPANY NAME’

Standard Plan has a configurable greeting; you get to choose from many combinations such as ‘Hi, Hey, Hello, Howdy’ and ‘Choose where to leave a review for, Please review, Your feedback means a lot’ plus another eight options.

Plus Plan has a fully customisable greeting. You just let us know what you want to say and we will add it in for you.

Clicky Analytics integration.

On the Standard & Plus plans we have Clicky integration. The reason for using Clicky is simply that it allows us to not to use cookies on the Revu page. This is important to us as we don’t want your customers to have to accept a cookie notice before choosing a review website.

You can track simple metrics such as how many times your Revu page was visited and if and which review site was selected, plus the standard metrics such as date, time etc.

Instant redirect to a single review site.

This is available on the Plus Plan. It allows you to send your customer directly (without interaction) to the review platform of your choice. Particularity useful on large campaigns when trying to build reviews on a single review platform. This option can be turned on & off.

Display sites in a chosen order.

This is available on the Plus Plan. Rather than displaying review sites in a random order this option allows you to choose and fix the order that the review platforms are presented to your customer. This option can be turned on & off.

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